B2B Portal Development: A Few Merits Unlocked

What does successful B2B portal development entail in its entirety? Ask your peers and they will probably tell you that it’s a combination of different levels of skills including DB planning, GUI design architecture design and middle tier integration and coding. Now ask yourself. Would you believe that the possible conversion of your website into a B2B portal can actually result in significant improvement in the growth of revenue and that all this can happen in a month? Probably, a few years ago you wouldn’t have believed it but today you are left with no choice but to admit the sheer power of B2B portals as far as shaping your entrepreneurial fortunes are concerned.

If You Are Yet to Explore Its True Potential Then You’re Lagging

Gone are the days when a B2B portal was primarily regarded as a fancy idea – primarily maintained by larger companies. Today, businesses, irrespective of what their size is have unequivocally admitted that quality B2B portals are backed by serious merits. They are an absolute necessity for each and every company looking for substantial revenue growth without shelling out a fortune for the same. Here are ways in which B2B portals can turn out to be an absolutely sagacious investment for your business.

Aim for Better Targeted Campaigns With The Help Of These Portals

These portals are designed to bolster targeted campaigns. There is no dearth of B2B portals focused on individual industry networks and industries consisting of members from across the globe. There are portals that concentrate on regional divisions as well. An effective B2B marketing strategy would be to integrate several portals in order to obtain substantial coverage. There are around 1500 such portals and online directories based on variations in their regional and industry focus.

Expect Better Revenue Growth with Existing Client Base and Value Added Services

Both your present customer base as well as value added services can positively serve as avenues of profit. Thanks to these integrated portals, your existing clients are able to secure faster access to product information as well as improved customer support services. As far as leveraging your value added services is concerned, you can establish the portal as the primary sales channel and then you can use the shared resources to add value to the client experience.

Utilize Low-Cost Effective Marketing

At the core of the emergence of B2B portals as one of the most dominant forces driving sales is their cost-effectiveness. Yes. Portal marketing is an essentially low-cost marketing activity. To start off with, you can even open a free account with these portals only to switch to a premium account soon. Let us tell you that this premium account is not expensive as well. With a premium account, you can expect better visibility on Google and multilingual entries, in a few cases as well. Businesses that have premium accounts in these portals are positioned better in the search results and clicked more as well.

In order to leverage the true potential of B2B portals, you need to ensure that you’re seeking services of a reliable B2B Portal Development company- which has the proven record of developing successful portals for businesses.

Have You Used Web Portal Development Services For Your Business?

Business promotion across the web is definitely a challenge for marketers, owing to the diverse types of marketing options available today. You could do with professional services in marketing your brand, but how far can you reach without a well designed website. Yes, if you have survived the competition without having hired web portal development services of businesses, you cannot expect to last for long. This is mainly because every business ensures that the online marketing campaigns of their brand are based upon the search engine performance of their official site.

At this juncture, you must look back in time to check whether the professional services you had hired in web portal development at the time of starting the website of your business have been up to present market standards. Yes, the performance of your website can be improved to a great extent if you quickly hire the services of professionals in web development to correct the flaws made way back at the time of setting up the site. In order to get the best services from these professionals, you must have a rough idea of the main aspects of their expertise.

  1. Website Design: The use of the latest tools and techniques in developing the website design is the first and foremost duty of these experts. Did you know that when deciding upon the design of your company’s website, the experts need to use design elements that represent your brand? These elements could be anything from the company logo to the background theme of the portal. The web portal design also needs to be user-friendly for both customers and page owners. The professionals take care of all these important factors related to design while developing the portal.
  2. Content Management: Giving their readers and visitors a complete idea of the types of services and products that the brand offers is definitely tough with incomplete content sported on the website. The lay-out of the content also decides how well your readers relate to the content shared through the portal. As a result, these experts need to decide upon a reliable content management system to publish the information you wish to share.
  3. Resource Management: The use of professional help does have a unique set of advantages. You may have an excellent design, a wonderfully performing content management system and well detailed content used on your website. However, the lack of fresh content may result in low popularity of the portal in due course of time. The experts ensure that suitable resources are managed and stored to allow the administration to use them at a later date and create refreshed content.

Thus, if you really want to improve the online performance of your business site, get in touch with a reliable web portal development expert. You shall see the numbers changing soon.

Enterprise Web Portal Development: Why and When?

Does your organization/business need an Enterprise Web Portal? When is the right time to implement an enterprise web portal for your organization/business?

As your organization grows from a small team to a number of larger teams, handling multi projects and clients, there arises a need to consolidate enterprise resources and information which is accessible to employees and empower them to work intelligently and efficiently.

If your organization is facing the challenges mentioned below, it is high time for you to start planning with your solution provider to implement a suitable enterprise web portal.

  • Scattered Information – Team leaders / Managers are relying on different sources of information (like excel, emails, an isolated application) for collating data and preparing performance reports which they use for budgeting, forecasting and planning.Offline, decentralized reports and spreadsheets are prone to errors that can affect our business performance.
  • Delayed information– In this ultra-competitive world, timely decisions is the key to avoid missing opportunities. If decision makers / senior management must wait for analysts or knowledge workers to prepare reports, there is a high probability that you lose business to your competitors. An online, automated and centralized information which can be accessed anywhere, anytime, can empower the management to take intelligent, informed decisions.
  • Manual Project/Team/Knowledge management– When a new / enhancement / maintenance project starts

– If the task assignment is done manually through emails, tracking the current state of the task (open, analysis, committed, WIP, tested etc) is a cumbersome task and requires a lot of manual follow-up.

– There is always a probability that team members are referring to different versions of the same document, related to the task, affecting the efficiency and quality of output.

– Knowledge management is manual since the list of all previous tasks, bugs and their solutions are not maintained at one place, for future reference. If the concerned person leaves, the new person starts from scratch, unaware of the related bugs in the past and their solutions.

Enterprise web portals can help to combat these issues by workflow enforcements, updating documents with version history and maintaining a list of tasks, bugs and best practices for all projects.

  • None or very little information available about the in-house opportunities and skill-sets– Lack of proper information about the existing workforce and vacancies within the organization leads to under utilization of manpower. Both, the organization and employees can benefit from the one-point information about the in-house opportunities and skill-sets available. This feature, build in the enterprise web portal, can benefit large organizations by saving time and money to search for talent outside

To sum it all up, implementing an enterprise web portal is an effective way to harness the collective intelligence of the organization.

A reliable, centralized, quick and readily available information source about your business is essential to:

– Quickly gather consolidated view of business status
– Review your performance vs. plans and budgets
– Keep yourselves abreast with emerging trends