Web Portal Essential for Business Enterprise

Nowadays behind any successful business, there is an effective online presence. And in order to sustain this, it is highly recommended for business enterprise to have all its diverse information at one place. This will build an easy way for visitors, whose only motive is to gather relevant information. Moreover, establishing the website portal is a wise decision for getting your services and products noticed.

Is Web Portal Worth Considering for Business?
Web portal promises to deliver coherent information management platform that will provide compiled material from different sources in a unified manner. With the ease of navigation and different portlets web portals successfully funnel more traffic to your business website. Moreover, if you are in the business of selling products, gifts, items or artifacts then web portal designs can do wonders for your online sales. This may be beneficial in attracting more users to your site.

Web portal is a quick, reliable and centralized information source that intelligently gathers consolidated view of business status. It also assists in reviewing the performance, and keeps the business abreast with emerging trends. Hence, utilizing such portal services can bestow you with following benefits:

•Ease of search for visitors:
Portals are the very conventional tool for customers who need comprehensive information on particular subject. For example, if you have established a portal about web designing linking to various articles and tools for designing, various website owners can easily collect the tips and tricks needed for website design. They will not have to perform multiple web searches for collecting pieces of information. Your website will help them with what they want and your website will more likely to be bookmarked.

•Augmented Advertising Income:
This is another key benefit of web portal. Once you have frequent visitors and traffic, it becomes easy for your company to enter into advertising space. Now you can add your own advertising links with the list of other links on various portal pages. In this way, you can have a quick increase in your advertising income. In addition, some of the links from your portal website can be linked directly to your official business website.

•Analysis of Product’s Performance:
Web portals assist businesses with monitoring the performance of each product. Marketing skills like using keywords phrases for targeted business portal can enhance the traffic. Thereby, business analyst can know which product failed and which surpassed their expectations. This report will also predict the success and profit capabilities of your company.

A part from these aspects, website portals are known as open standard solution, which provides access to multiple data just on one login. Thereby, it eliminates the need for multiple login procedures and passwords. It adds immediate value to your business by delivering content in the context of business roles. The portals are secure, and support digital certificates and SSL based on HTTPS. Including these, there are many other factors that business enterprise can optimize. Hence, we can say that website portal is worth considering for Business.

Therefore, if you are thinking of building your enterprise or commercial portal, it is wise to hire professional designers from Website Portal Development Company.

Enterprise Web Portal Development: Why and When?

Does your organization/business need an Enterprise Web Portal? When is the right time to implement an enterprise web portal for your organization/business?

As your organization grows from a small team to a number of larger teams, handling multi projects and clients, there arises a need to consolidate enterprise resources and information which is accessible to employees and empower them to work intelligently and efficiently.

If your organization is facing the challenges mentioned below, it is high time for you to start planning with your solution provider to implement a suitable enterprise web portal.

  • Scattered Information – Team leaders / Managers are relying on different sources of information (like excel, emails, an isolated application) for collating data and preparing performance reports which they use for budgeting, forecasting and planning.Offline, decentralized reports and spreadsheets are prone to errors that can affect our business performance.
  • Delayed information– In this ultra-competitive world, timely decisions is the key to avoid missing opportunities. If decision makers / senior management must wait for analysts or knowledge workers to prepare reports, there is a high probability that you lose business to your competitors. An online, automated and centralized information which can be accessed anywhere, anytime, can empower the management to take intelligent, informed decisions.
  • Manual Project/Team/Knowledge management– When a new / enhancement / maintenance project starts

– If the task assignment is done manually through emails, tracking the current state of the task (open, analysis, committed, WIP, tested etc) is a cumbersome task and requires a lot of manual follow-up.

– There is always a probability that team members are referring to different versions of the same document, related to the task, affecting the efficiency and quality of output.

– Knowledge management is manual since the list of all previous tasks, bugs and their solutions are not maintained at one place, for future reference. If the concerned person leaves, the new person starts from scratch, unaware of the related bugs in the past and their solutions.

Enterprise web portals can help to combat these issues by workflow enforcements, updating documents with version history and maintaining a list of tasks, bugs and best practices for all projects.

  • None or very little information available about the in-house opportunities and skill-sets– Lack of proper information about the existing workforce and vacancies within the organization leads to under utilization of manpower. Both, the organization and employees can benefit from the one-point information about the in-house opportunities and skill-sets available. This feature, build in the enterprise web portal, can benefit large organizations by saving time and money to search for talent outside

To sum it all up, implementing an enterprise web portal is an effective way to harness the collective intelligence of the organization.

A reliable, centralized, quick and readily available information source about your business is essential to:

– Quickly gather consolidated view of business status
– Review your performance vs. plans and budgets
– Keep yourselves abreast with emerging trends

Extranet Portal Development

Introduction To Extranet

An extranet, like an intranet, is a private network which looks outwards. It allows a business to share information, documents, manage projects, communicate and integrate operations with partners, distributors, suppliers, vendors, customers or any other group of people concerned with the business. The extranet portal offers functionality 24×7 with secure access to collaborative tools with only an internet connection.

A company might need to have several dedicated extranets for different clients or key partners in its operation. Extranet provides a cost-effective solution free of the costs associated with complex virtual private networks (VPN). As the numbers of virtual teams and distributed workforces increase, success depends on the ability to access and collaborate on business related information via the Web. IT experts believe that Extranet Portals is the next era in Web development.

Some Practical Extranet Applications

Extranet portals enable communication, collaboration and data sharing. Some of the applications are client support, product demos, on-line catalogues and joint project management. A typical example would be an extranet created by a software services provider for a key client which could serve as a platform to manage project timelines, share project resources, provide deliverables and communicate specifications. Another application would be to provide customer support to key customers with training materials, online knowledge bases and an interactive help desk.
Extranet Portal Development

An extranet portal is an essential component in a growing business. Extranet portal development however requires abundant care to provide functionality without compromising security and ease of operation. Extranet portal development is based on Internet and Web technology for conversing privately and selectively with potential customers and business partners. Suppliers, vendors and other stakeholders should be able to access information easily. A good design should straightforward and perceptive, focusing more on information and less on graphics. A standard model cannot suit every business so it is sensible to customize an extranet application to match the specific needs of your business. A good extranet portal design should include:

– User Interface Design and Implementation

– Database Engine Design – Development

– Programming

– Messaging Solutions for Supporting Business Processes and Workflow

– Content Organization

– Web Services Integration

Many online extranet solutions providers offer you the privileges of administration without the necessity of technical experience. To make the system secure, personalized delivery of content to the end user is an available facility. The administrator can even govern the site to make certain areas inaccessible.